Need Ignition Repair Service?

The significance of your car's ignition switch may escape notice until complications arise. Abrupt failures not only risk leaving you stranded on the road or in a parking lot but can also lead to inconvenient and stressful situations. Regular attention to this crucial component can help prevent unexpected issues and ensure a safer driving experience.

Ace Auto Center Express specializes in the replacement and repair of ignition switches, addressing lock-related concerns, and programming new keys for your vehicle. Our skilled automotive locksmith possesses the expertise and necessary tools to perform swift and efficient installations and repairs of ignition switches. Count on us to come to your rescue, providing assistance in overcoming challenging situations.

Why Choose Ace Auto Center Express?

When it comes to ignition repairs and essential locksmithing assistance, trust only a skilled professional. In the Charlottesville, VA area, Ace Auto Center Express stands out as the go-to automotive locksmith. Our reputation is built on the trust of our clients, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our highly skilled professional technicians. They continuously deliver exemplary services, making us the preferred choice for all ignition repair needs.

Our Team of Experts can Help:

  • Extract broken keys and provide key replacement for ignitions.
  • Cut new ignition keys with precision for various car models.
  • Repair ignition switches stuck in ON/OFF/ACC positions.
  • Expertly replace ignition switches and cylinders.
  • Proficient in handling ignition repairs for all car makes.

Ignition Malfunction
There are several reasons your car may fail to start. Acting as the ignition's starter, your key is pivotal, linking to the electrical system and establishing a channel for energy flow to power your vehicle. A malfunctioning ignition can signal a range of concerning issues for your automobile, potentially leading to alarming complications. Consider gettin in touch with us if you encounter any of the following problems:

  • Your car fails to start.
  • The key won't turn when inserted into the ignition.
  • Your vehicle stalls suddenly while driving.
  • Dashboard lights flicker or stutter.
  • The starter motor remains silent.

Starter & Ignition FAQs

How long do ignition starters last?

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle's starter should keep you going for roughly 100,000 to 150,000 miles on average. But remember, proactive care like regular maintenance can add even more miles to its journey. Keep an eye out for early signs of wear and tear to ensure your trusty starter keeps your engine pumping for years to come.

Are the ignition and starter the same thing?

Tucked away alongside the transmission on the passenger side sits the unsung hero of engine initiation: the starter motor. This powerful electric dynamo uses the car's battery to crank the engine into action, while the ignition switch, strategically positioned on the steering column, acts as the conductor, sending the signal to get things started.

Can a bad starter drain a battery?

Excessive current draw by the starter motor is a telltale sign of malfunction. Though your vehicle might cranking up now, this abnormal power drain will eventually deplete the battery and further damage the starter if left unaddressed.

What makes a starter go bad?

A loose or corroded electrical connection is the most common suspect for a struggling starter. However, internal issues like malfunctioning windings, worn-out brushes, or other electrical glitches can sap the starter's strength, preventing it from generating enough torque to crank the engine effectively.

Do I need a new key if I replace the ignition switch?

While swapping keys with a new ignition switch might work for vintage models using simple keys, modern vehicles with sophisticated security systems or intricate electronics often require a brand new key. This ensures compatibility and maintains the system's integrity.

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